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Online medical consultation and online psychological consultation and counseling via video call, anywhere, anytime

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We are in no hurry, doctors at DokiApp always listen to you carefully
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We save you a lot

In 78% of health problems, a reliable medical advice that can be followed at home would be enough for recovery.

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Immediate medical attention

I got sick. I wish I could talk to a doctor right away! Is it possible?

When trouble strikes, no one wants to wait hours or days for a reliable, reassuring medical opinion. With the help of DokiApp, within maximum 20-30 minutes you can consult a doctor by video call, who finally pays attention only to you.

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Personalized advice

This sounds good. But can the doc really help me?

Our doctor will map out your problem along questions and then tell you the steps needed in your situation to get you to recovery in the shortest way. You don’t need to go to the hospital or the GP for a first opinion, thus you can save yourself a lot of time, money and unnecessary worry.

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Understandable health guidance

I have already received my test results, but I don’t understand them. What should I do?

The first step toward healing is to have a clear view of our health condition. DokiApp’s doctors don’t use vague terms, so whether you want to better understand your results or need a second opinion, here you’ll get an understandable and objective opinion.

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Prevention and discretion

I have a discreet question. Can the doctor help even if the trouble is more serious?

The doctor can help you with a wide range of symptoms, and in more complicated situations, refer you to the specialist you need based on a reliable diagnosis. Whatever worries you, you can talk to our doctor openly about it - they will know what the right next step is.



Our medical team consists of thoroughly selected professionals in order to offer our patients the highest quality service. The main goal of DokiApp is to provide a solution to the issue of the long waiting time, which widely characterises the Hungarian healthcare scene, and possibly results in faulty self-treatment - when professional advice that can be followed at home would be sufficient for the problem.

Dr. Dávid Bessenyei

professional leader


In our fast-paced world, we may at any time need an independent expert opinion whether it is about family conflicts, stress at work, or other problems that engulf us in our daily lives. During the online consultation, our patients get easy and almost immediate access to advice on how to handle the situation correctly. All this through their smartphones, without having to move out from home, with complete discretion.

Mária Klinger

professional leader

Our Professionals

You might meet them in a video call

Dr. Fanni Domonkos
General practitioner

Dr. Tamás Szabó
Occupational physician, general surgeon

Mária Klinger
Professional psychologist

Dr. Beáta Gasparovszky
General practitioner

Dr. Sándor Sávay

Alexa Frauhammer
Professional psychologist

Dr. Péter Szuromi
Cardiac surgeon, emergency doctor

Dr. Klaudia Kovács

Dr. Gábor Bedics

The handy solution

Waiting time and costs matter a lot during our illness

Waiting time

instead of long hours

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max 30 min


instead of spending thousands

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5000 huf

Stay up to date

The latest news from the world of healthcare and telemedicine, as well as practical tips to keep us healthy

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I don’t like to wait in the doctor’s office, so I usually suffer until the trouble goes away. It would be great if I could just call a professional.
I think it’s a very good idea, I can get an immediate medical opinion and the doctor can even see me! Awesome!
Finally, a solution that saves me from taking a day off to go to the doctor.
Yes! There has been a great lack of such an application for healthcare that brings technology together with medical expertise!
I can get quick reassurance when my toddler has a problem, as I can ask a doctor right away.
Finally, when they get sick, they call DokiApp instead of just caressing me all day!

What do we help in?

Here you will find the complaints that our doctors can usually help. Often several complaints can occur at the same time - you can select all of them so that we can make the most accurate diagnosis.

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For Doctors

Join our professional team, let’s reform healthcare together

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